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Are Discount Residential, Commercial Cleaners Worth the Savings?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Bargain-priced residential and commercial cleaners save you a few dollars upfront, but where they cut corners can erase your bank account.

Are discount residential cleaners worth the savings?
Insured Cleaners

Consider when your discount cleaner spills bleach on your carpet. They likely won’t replace it because they cannot afford to and/or they are uninsured.

When a fall down the stairs puts them out of the workforce? The government requires you as the homeowner to pay all of their lifetime medical bills and related living expenses.

Will they return to your home when you’re not around to take all of your belongings they just cleaned? Tough call. Nobody required them to submit to a criminal background check.

Did you accidentally pay somebody in the country who is working here illegally? Get ready for heavy fines and back taxes from the IRS because nobody verified their documentation.

Avoid those headaches by going with Gingerly Clean, your fully bonded, licensed and insured residential and commercial cleaner serving Newaygo, Oceana and Muskegon counties.

Call (231) 924-9904 or email us at for your quote today!


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